The Simón Bolívar Foundation


Valeria Sofía Colina was born with atresia of the bile ducts, a serious chronic and progressive condition with an obstructive nature that causes the liver to grow and that can result in hepatic cirrhosis.

Thanks to the timely assistance provided by the Simón Bolívar Foundation, Ana Sofía received preoperative treatment, a liver transplant, and post-surgical care at the Italian Hospital in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a specialized and internationally recognized hospital facility.

Carla Virginia Rojas Moreno, Valeria´s mother, praised the attention they received and her daughter’s extraordinary recovery and, had no doubt to credit the success of her case to the Simón Bolívar Foundation. ”The Foundation has a very organized team, very human people. I felt very supported; I am really very grateful to the Foundation. It was an excellent attention, nothing was missing. Everything we went through in Argentina was a great experience.”


Lucía Aparicio contacted the Simón Bolívar Foundation seeking help to get a final diagnostic and an appropriate treatment for her daughter, Lucianna Vestita, who was born with serious ophthalmologic problems.

The involvement of the Simón Bolívar Foundation took Lucianna and her mother to the Texas Children´s Hospital in Houston, where, in addition to treating her primary condition, it was detected she was suffering of a series of health disorders that required closer attention. After a large number of multidisciplinary medical evaluations, Lucianna was diagnosed with the CHARGE syndrome, a difficult to diagnose genetic condition that involves cardiopathies, ocular colobomas, developmental delays, and auditory abnormalities.

Lucía stated, “I feel blessed and grateful to God because the Simón Bolívar Foundation exists, both for my daughter and for other people.

After undergoing cardiac and auditory surgeries, and an integral program of therapies, Lucianna went back to Cabimas, Venezuela, and enjoys the best possible life quality within the limitations imposed by her condition.


Margarita Villaricos, Mauricio Montilla´s mother, says that she only has words of gratitude to describe what the donation from the Simón Bolívar Foundation meant to cover the expenses of the cochlear implant for his son. “It was a very important help because, even though we are professionals, we did not have the financial means to pay for this treatment. My family and I are eternally grateful to the Foundation and to Petróleos de Venezuela S.A., because they gave Mauricio the opportunity to be a completely normal kid.

“I am grateful with all my heart. This was the best solution for the hypoacusia. After the cochlear implant there is a normal life for these children”, added Margarita.

Mauricio received financing from the Simón Bolívar Foundation for an auditory surgical procedure, auditory devices, and speech therapies.


Rina Zuleica Cuadrado was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia at the age of eleven and, despite fighting the illness during three years of treatment at the Pediatric Specialties Hospital of Maracaibo in Venezuela, she suffered a relapse that left her a bone marrow transplant as the only possibility of treatment.

Under the strategic agreement between the Simón Bolívar Foundation and the Foundation for the Bone Marrow Transplant and its international hospital affiliations, Rina was transported to Italy, where, for more than a year she received the pre-treatment and the transplant she needed.

Rina states,”I thank very much to the Simón Bolívar Foundation for all it has done for me and also for all what it does along with the Foundation for the Bone Marrow Transplant. Thank you very much!”

The bone marrow transplant that she received was a success and, after two years under strict medical supervision, Rina was declared cancer free and was given permission to return to the normal course of her life.


Mabel de los Angeles Pérez was 7 months pregnant when her doctors detected a diaphragmatic hernia in her baby (Ana Lucía), a congenital condition with a high incidence of post-natal mortality, in which the diaphragm – muscle that separates the chest and the abdominal cavities – presents an opening that allows the organs of the digestive system to move up to the thoracic cavity, compressing the lungs.

The financial limitations to pay for the treatment outside Venezuela and the distress caused by the need of a surgical intervention as soon as possible, led Maribel to request financial assistance from the Simón Bolívar Foundation. Her application was processed with the promptness and urgency required, resulting in her rapid admission to the University Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, Spain. It has been almost a year and Ana Lucía lives, grows and develops healthfully.

Ana Lucía is a healthy and happy child who is developing normally after having highly complex surgeries to correct a congenital diaphragmatic hernia.


Leonardo Gómez was the victim of a terrible industrial accident in 2012 that caused both of his hands to be partially amputated; the result was a serious disability to run an independent life and continue being the financial support for his family.

Due to the severity of the mutilation, his only possibility of physical and emotional recovery was the implant of myoelectric prostheses – prostheses controlled by muscle impulses - extremely costly and developed with a recent technology that was not available in Venezuela.

Thanks to the involvement of the Simón Bolívar Foundation, Leonardo was referred to the Muilenburg Prosthetic Clinic in Houston, Texas. After the diagnostic exams, several molds and physiotherapies, personalized prosthesis were built, which allowed him to recover a wide range of mobility in his hands and to be self-sufficient again.

“That team of people who make up the Foundation and who everyday give a little bit of themselves to satisfy those people’s needs are wonderful, that is really priceless. I am eternally grateful to the team in both Venezuela and the United States.”